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The Purge: Anarchy (2014)
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Sea ~ By Nathan Congleton
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Anthony Green.
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Jon Simmons (by LaurenObadiah)
This Wild Life - “Clouded” Album Review


With Heart Media reviews This Wild Life’s newest record “Clouded”

I wrote dis. lookie pls.

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Little Red Riding Bow is here!! 🎀 Even dogs fancy this bow (do not put bows on my dogs, they’ll fall asleep & secretly hate you). Little Red is part of my summer line that’s coming out in June! Keep your eyes peeled 🎀 Repost this for a chance to win a bow from my summer line. Put #castawayknits & #castawaycompany in your repost for entry! Unlimited entries per account! ❤️
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The Story So Far- Navy Blue
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xxlullabies: can i ask you a thing? I would like to learn to play guitar but i dont know how to begin and what kind of guitar should i buy, it's better the acoustic or the classic? thank you :)

Honestly when buying an acoustic guitar, you need to keep in mind what kind of music would like to play. for a fuller sound, pick one with ALL steal strings. It’s harder to get used to pushing down to play a chord but it will sould really good. If you wanna play softer acoustic, sing-songwriter muic, get a classical. it’s really good for learning how to finger pick on bc the neck is so wide.

When it comes to brands, it’s really up to you. Play all the acoustic guitars you can. Whatever feels good to you should guide you. Personally I would like a Taylor, but those can run you on the expensive side. For a beginner I would recommend an Ibanez (like what I have). My guitar is an classical with a plug in.

Also, when you decide what kind of guitar you like, know that guitars without “plug-ins” will have to be mic-ed up when you play live. Plug in guitars are easy bc the guitar is plugged into a P.A. system.

I hope this helped. Ask me more things if you have any more questions. <3 (:

xxlullabies: omg i was listeing to your cover of drown by front porch step and im obsessed with it! and also you have a perfect voice and face so idk bye

thank you so much!! it really means a lot!!

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A&#8217;s til death